26 years of sharing the
WORD and the LOVE
of GOD

26 years of sharing the
word and the love
of GOD

A Word from Our Pastor

      ICA Moscow is about one thing, and our Motto says it all, “LOVING GOD AND MAKING HIS LOVE KNOWN” 
      We are real people. People just like you. We have good days and bad days. We have problems. At times we get on each others’ nerves. But we are held together as family by the love of God.
      ICA is not a place to go on Sundays – ICA is a family. On Sundays we gather for worship, but throughout the week we stay in contact through prayer, fellowship and ministry opportunities.
     If you are looking for a place where you can listen to God and not be pressured by people…
Then come give ICA a try. We’d love to have you become a part of our family.



This is International Christian Assembly (ICA) Moscow, a church for all nations. We are glad to have you visit our website, and hope you find it helpful. You are welcome to worship with us at 10.30 every Sunday morning, or connect to the live broadcasts of any of our services. God bless you.


Встречаемся с Иисусом каждое воскресенье с 12.30 до 14.00. Метро Авиамоторная, ул. Авиамоторная, д.10/1 3 этаж. Консультируем, исцеляем, освобождаем , воскрешаем. Вход и выход свободные. Приходите!


Maligayang pagdalo dito sa ICA. Nagagalak kami na makasama namin kayo sa pagsamba sa ating mahal na panginoon. Halina at sama-sama nating purihin ang Diyos sa kanyang Kadakilaan at Kaluwalhatian. Tuwing Lingo mula 2:30 ng hapon hanggang 4:00 ng hapon.


When I entered the building, when I entered into the hall, there was something in the atmosphere, something different, I really really felt at home, to be honest, it was very loving, everybody was laughing, giving hugs ups and downs, so I felt like, there is love in this place, love, that word yea love…
Daniel Ben Woko
What so special about this church is that, you can see many believers from different nations. It is filled of people with love, people with affection and people who would like to praise God. People who have compassion in their heart, to reach others for Christ.
Leni Duan Atienza